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Powerful Kids Vidhyapeeth (SP2K)
Powerful Kids Vidhyapeeth (SP2K)

Powerful Kids Vidhyapeeth (SP2K)

Product Description

????Does your child get angry and upset quickly?

????Do you think it’s very difficult to handle growing children these days?

????Do you want to build a stronger bond with your child?

????Do you want them to explore their full potential?


We Invite you to our 2-day ‘POWERFUL KIDS VIDHYAPEETH’ workshop – ‘THE’ platform to *groom your child’s personality & explore their fullest potential*????????

This POWER-PACK RECREATIONAL WORKSHOP is filled with *insightful & fun psychological activities, theatrical games, interactive sessions & powerful meditations*.

????Empower & Channelize your child’s energy!

????Boost their Confidence!

????Shred their Complexes!

????Getting rid of their fears & insecurities!

????Strengthen their Communication skills & Make them Expressive!

????Carving out a Charismatic personality in them!

????Improve their bond with everyone, especially Parents!

????Creating Genuine Friendships that last for Life!

It’s time to leap Beyond your study & Extra-curricular routines TO an All-Round Growth Approach????????


21st Jan, 2023 - Saturday, 9am to 5pm

22nd Jan, 2023 - Sunday, 9am to 9pm

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